Waist Belts

A while ago I was asked by a friend if I could make a belt. I said of course, but why not buy it from the high street? He explained that he needed a 58" belt and couldn't find one on sale that had a strong enough buckle. Instantly I thought of the high quality harness buckles we use every day in the equestrian trade. So I made him an extra large belt from high quality English bridle leather, with a sturdy brass buckle. He was very happy with it.

These are super quality extra large belts handmade from best English bridle leather in black, brown or tan with brass harness type buckles. The leather I use is very high quality with a hard wearing waxy finish. I can make belts from 36" upwards. Usually I make equestrian leather work, I am not a fashion house, therefore you will find these belts priced very reasonably for a handmade article. please call to find out more.