Dog Collars

Dogs are very active, and the one thing they always have is a collar. Nylon collars, bought from pet shops and the like won't last long and if you do buy a leather one, they are often mass produced in the far east, and are of no higher quality than the cheap nylon ones. What is required from a collar is comfort for the dog, durability and strength. You don't want the collar to let you down when you are walking near the main road.

I use all English parts in my collars, from brass D-rings and chains to the English bridle leather used in the bands. These parts are usually used to make products for horses, so are easily strong enough for even the largest of dogs. I can make collars in a variety of width, lengths, colours and styles. From a plain adjustable band to a lovely half choke-chain design that will reduce pulling I can make whatever you like. Please call to find out more.